Denise Cruz

Scholar of gender & sexuality in 
national and transnational cultures

Interviews, Talks, and Teaching

You can listen to a podcast about my work on couture in Manila, hosted by Kevin O’Neill at the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies, here

You can listen to an interview with Christopher Patterson, host of New Books Network, regarding Transpacific Femininities here:

You can read about my teaching here and about the U of Toronto Arts and Sciences Teaching Award here. I recently received Columbia’s Presidential Teaching Award and the  Lenfest Faculty Award. You might be interested in the trailer for my Asian American literature course and its online conversion for Fall 2020. Cathy Davidson and Dianne Harris wrote about the course in this op-ed.

You can see coverage of recent public humanities events I’ve organized here and here

You can read an interview about my research here:

Photo courtesy of the Lopez Museum and Library.